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Mappamundi: songs of the British Isles (Scotland, Ireland, England)

Mappamundi: songs and ballads of the British Isles

Here are some of the songs that have been very popular with school audiences:

William Glenn: A ship is brought to despair and destruction because the man at the helm isa murderer.

Death and the Maiden: A young girl, meeting up with Death on the road, tries to persuade him to leave her a few more years, but he is inexorable.

The White Cockade: A young man is snatched up and conscripted into the army by a press gang.

Doffin' Mistress: A factory's weavers admire their sassy supervisor and the way she stands up for them when the big boss comes around.

The Knickerbocker Line A girl gets hauled off by the police for stealing a watch.

Here are some of the other songs from the British Isles we've performed.

10,000 miles
Acre of Ground (My Father Bought Me...)
Adieu Adieu Hard Was My Fate
Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
Admiral Benbow
Ae Fond Kiss
Agincourt Carol
Artichokes & Cauliflowers
As I roved out
Ash Grove, The
Auld Lang Syne
Ay Waukin Oh
Banks and Braes of Bonny Doon
Barracks Street
Beggar Song
Black Diamonds
Black Fox
Blackbirds & Thrushes
Black-Eyed Susan
Blacksmith Courted Me
Boar's Head Carol
Bonny Irish Maid
Bonny Lab'ring Boy
Bonny Lass of Anglesey
Bonny May
Bonny Woodhall
Brave Wolfe
Bundling Song
Burning of Auchindoon
Bushes and Briars
Buy Broom Besoms
Byker Hill
Cadgwith Anthem
Chicken on a Raft
Chilly Scenes of Winter
Clarke Saunders
Claudy Banks
Clear Away the Morning Dew
Clyde Water
Cold & Raw
Collier Laddy
Come Lasses & Lads
Come Write Me Down
Country Life
Creel, The
Cruel Brother The
Daintie Davie
Dancing at Whitsun
Darby Ram
Death & the Maiden
Death of Admiral Benbow
Death of Admiral Nelson
Derry Gaol
Diggers Song
Do You Love an Apple?
Doffin' Mistress
Down Among the Dead Men
Down With the Rosemary and Bays
Drive Dull Care Away (2 versions)
Duncan McAllipin
Eileen Aroon
Faithful Johnny
False Knight on Road
Farewell He
Fathom the Bowl
Fit's Come on Me Now
Flash Company
Flower of Northumberland
Flowers of the Forest
Foggy Dew
Game of Cards
Gaol Song
Gaol Song
Gartan Mother's Lullaby
Garten Mother's Lullaby
Gently Johnny My Jingalo
Girls of Talcuhuano
Glasgow Peggy
Good Old Way, The
Goucester Wassail
Grecian Queen
Green Bed
Green Shores of America
Greenland Whale Fishery
Greenwood Laddy
Grey Funnel Line
Ground for the Floor
Hal An Tow
Handsome Cabin Boy
Heather on the Moor
Herring Song
Hieland Laddy
High Barbaree
Holly and the Ivy
Holly Bears a Berry
How Stands the Glass Around?
I Am a Maid that's Deep in Love
I Hae Laid a Herring
I Live Not Where
I live not where I love
I'm a Stranger in this Country
In Cupid's Court
In the Bleak Midwinter
Innocent Hare, The
Jack Haggerty
Jamestown Homeward Bound
John Barleycorn
John Barleycorn
Jolly Beggar
Jovial Young Sailor
Jute-Mill Song
King Cotton
King Henry
King, The
Kissin's Nae Sin
Knickerbocker Line
Lady Fair
Lakes of Ponchartrain
Lark in the Morning
Lass of Glenshee
Lasses & Lads
Let Memory Keep Us All
Long Peggin Awl
Lord at First, The
Lord Franklin
Lord of Drum
Loss of Snorre
Love Is Come Again
Maid in Bedlam
Maidstone Hall
Mary & Soldier
Mary and Soldier
Mill-O, The
Mothering Sunday
Mount & Go
Mountain Stream, The
My ane country
My Faithful Johnny
My Heart is Like the Sea
My Husband's Got No Courage In Him
My Irish Molly O
New Year's Day in the Morning
Northill May
Northwest Passage
O Were I On Parnassus Hill
O'er the Hills and Far Away
O'er the Water to Charlie
Old Rose & Crown
Old Songs, The
Once I Roved Out
One Morning in May
Paddy Murphy
Pale Ring
Parting Glass
Patrick Spencer
Peggy Gordon
Plains of Waterloo
Pleasant & Delightful
Ploughboy Lad
Punch & Judy
Rag Fair
Rambling Comber
Rambling Irishman
Rambling Sailor
Rattlin Roarin Willy
Reynard the Fox
Ripe & Bearded Barley
Road to Drumleven
Rolling King
Rose of Allendale
Run the Rigging
Salley Gardens
Sean A Duibhir a Gleanna
Seasons, The
Sedgefield Fair
She Moved Through the Fair
Sheepstealers, The
Shepherds are the Best of Men
Silent Bird, The
Single Man's Warning
Six Jolly Miners
So Neatly Bonny Laddy
So Will We Yet
Sodger Laddie
Song for Ireland
Sorry the Day
Spencer the Rover
Staines Morris
Strings in the Earth and Air
Sussex Mummer's Carol
Tailor in the Teachest
Take a Bumper & Try
Thousands or More
Three Drunken Maiden
To the Begging I Will Go
Todlin Home
Tom of Bedlam
Tunnel Tigers, The
Tuppence on the Rope
Turfman from Ardee
Twa Bonny Maidens
Two Sisters
Waly Waly, O
Wanton Seed
Weary Pund o' Tow
Welsh Song
Westlin Winds
What a Shocking World this is for Scandal
When a Man's in Love
When You & I Were Young, Maggie
White Cockade
White Collar Holler
Whitsun Song
Whitsuntide is Come
Who's the Fool Now
Wild Rovin No More
William GLenn
Woodcutter Song
Working Life Out
Ye Mariners All