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Mappamundi: Medieval, Renaissance, and Elizabethan songs

Mappamundi: medieval, Renaissance, and Elizabethan songs

We've played at a lot of Renaissance fairs and a few reenactors' weddings so we have quite a collection of ancient music. We also play for English country dances and have done a few Jane Austen events. We can do anything in the Playford collection, for instance.

Agincourt Carol
All in a Garden Green
Amyntas with His Phyllis Fair
Away With These Self-Loving Lads
Ayo Visto Lo Mappamundi
Be Gone Dull Care
Blessed be that Maid
Break Now My Heart and Die
Bryng Us In Good Ale
Ce Moys de May
Come Live With Me & Be My Love
Comment qu'a moy l
Con el Viento
Douce Dame
Ecco La Primavera
Fine Knacks for Ladies
Fortune My Foe
Foweles in the Frith
Gaude Mater Polonia
Gedeonis Area
Hock Cart
I should for grief and anguish lie
It Was a Lover & His Lass
Ja Nuns Hons Pris
King Henry V's Conquest
Let Us Drink & Be Merry
l'Homme Arme
Li Joliz Temps
Lyke Wake Dirge
Margot Labourez les Vignes
My Thing's My Own
O My Hart
Orientis Partibus
Pastime with Good Company
Peddler's Song
Piss Off the Jealous One
Prisoner's Song
Quem Pastores
Resonet in laudibus
Robin & Thrush
Robin Hood
Rose of Virtue
Sainte Nicholaes
Sigh No More, Ladies
Stork, The
Sweet Kate
Tappster Dryngker
There is a Lady Sweet & Kind
To Portsmouth
Touch But My Lips
Tres Moricas
Welcome Sweet Pleasure