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Mappamundi: Eastern European songs

Mappamundi: Eastern European songs

I got bogged down typing. This is just a small sample!
  • Bulgaria: "Djulber Nedo." Beautiful Nedo is swinging on her swing when Ivan comes up and asks her: "Did you ask your parents whether they would give you to me?" "Well, Ivan, they are willing to give me to you, except I don't want you. I love Yavor, the boy who brings the groceries."
  • Macedonia: "Kelesh Doncho." Based on the actual historical story of Doncho, who was caught by the Turks with bombs and ammo hidden under the rye in his wagon. They caught him and threw him in prison, but he never betrayed his people. (Historical note: he didn't know the bombs were there, because some other people stowed them there.) The people of the Balkans have always maintained that if it weren't for their tireless guerrilla warfare against the Turks, Europe would have become a Moslem continent.
  • Serbia: "Okrug Selo." Our heroine tells us her boyfriend wants her to marry him, but she doesn't want to spend her life digging potatoes.
  • Bosnia: "Kad Ja Podjoh." A woman tells her sweetheart to come meet her at her gate at a certain hour. He comes, but he's late too late she has married somebody else.
  • Russia: "Pod Moscovniye Vechera." Famous song known as "Moscow Nights."
  • Poland (Yiddish tradition): "Lid fun Titanik" Somebody who perhaps never even saw the ocean (or knew what electricity is) describes the sinking of this great ship, as conveyed in the newspapers across Europe.
  • Russia: "The Blue Scarf" A famous song from World War II, wherein a soldier going off to die salutes his sweetheart and the sweethearts of all the soldiers facing death.
  • Poland: "Dunayetska Voda" A set of three short mountain songs
  • Macedonia: "Karamfilo" I'll keep beating on the doors till your dad lets me see you, my lovely carnation...
  • Aman, Aman (Serbian)
  • Poshlu Moma Voda (Serbian)
  • Bisero Cerko (Bulgarian)
  • Na Ugorje Na Vjetru (Russian)