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Mappamundi: Greek songs/instrumentals

Mappamundi: Greek songs and instrumentals

Ken was a member of a Greek bar-and-wedding band many years ago, playing primarily guitar and bouzouki, and we have been doing a number of Greek songs all along. However, we learned a new set of Greek instrumental music in conjunction with a recent wedding and look forward to more opportunities to present this material. A worthy addition to our number for this music is David DiGiuseppe, on accordion, bouzouki, and mandolin. "Perikles" - A young man boasts that he is the best fellow around. Why doesn't his girl want him any more? She is going to be sorry.

From "Roots of Greek Music Volume 9, Music of the Islands," the following tunes were learned from the playing of Stathis Koukoularis:

  • Lygaria
  • Paraponiariko Mou
  • Choreptse
  • Pervolaria
  • Ti Thalassa Ti Galani
  • Tha Paro Mia Psarovarka-Maoukas
  • I Trata

From "The Athenians"

  • Solo Safiriu
  • Chassaposerwiko

Miscellaneous songs and dances:

  • Feiruz (from Melina Kana)
  • Miserlou (Misirlou)
  • Ta Paidia Tis Aminas (from Nikos Dimitratos)
  • Ballos Dance (from the playing of Kyriakios Gouventas)
  • Smirneiko Minore (from the singing of Savina Yanatou) "Smyrnaean Air"
  • Island Dance (from the playing of the Royal Greek Festival Company)
  • Angelo - a tsamiko from Nikos Moraitis
  • Kokkino Gramma - by Grigoris Maninakis
  • Baglamades (rembetiko)
  • Dervisaki - from the singing of Sophia Bilides
  • San Kemene Polikari
  • Assorted popular dances (for bouzouki and/or fiddle and/or mandolin) from the Royal Greek Festival Company
  • Assorted taxims