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Mappamundi: traditional and untraditional ethnic (international) world music

Mappamundi Instrumentals

England: 17th and 18th century English country dances, horn pipes, "maggotts"

Ireland: Jigs, reels, airs, music of O'Carolan, harp tunes

Scotland: Jigs, reels and strathspeys, slow airs, Burns tunes, including tradition as it persists in Canada and the mountains of North Carolina

North Carolina: Versions (imported and indigenous) of all the above, plus native fiddle tunes and country dances.

Western Europe: French musettes, Austrian schottisches, Dutch waltzes, Italian dances

Eastern Europe: the Gypsy cocek and the asymmetrical rhythms of Balkan dances (kopanitsa, daichovo horos, rechenitzas, etc)

Many presenters combine a Mappamundi concert, school program, or festival appearance in the daytime with a dance program at night; this provides an additional audience which does not conflict with the day's events.

English and Scottish Country Dance Music

Members of Mappamundi have been playing for English Country Dances and Scottish Country Dances since the 1980s, when Robbie Link and Jane Peppler began to play for Carl Wittman, RSCDS Instructor and author of the dance manual "Sun Assembly" (of which Jane became a primary editor).

"In my capacity as teacher of both English and Scottish country dancing, I have worked closely with them and found the music they make for classes and parties to be exciting, danceable, and intelligent. The arrangements, choice of instruments, and technique are respectful of the musical traditions ... as well as delightful to the ear and helpful to the feet. ... Our dancers have been very excited by their music, and I myself have found myself listening to old familiar tunes with a renewed delight."
Carl Wittman, RSCDS dancemaster, instructor for Durham English Country Dancers For Carl, they made a recording of Scottish Country Dances called "Kiss Quick, Mother's Coming," and subsequently played for dancers from Washington to South Carolina.

"I wish to express my sincerest appreciation for your participation in the Williamsburg Scottish Festival. Your music for the country dancing was delightful and the dancers thoroughly enjoyed it. The fact that the room was full of dancers to the very end and the final sustained applause are the best indications that your music was much appreciated. Your arrangements are very interesting and your tempos are both proper and strict. I can heartily recommend your music for either Scottish or English Country Dancing."
Lee Ticknor, Williamsburg Scottish Festival

In recent years they have played for dancing with Jacqueline Schwab of the Bare Necessities English Country Dance Ensemble when she has been in the Southeast.

American Contradance Music

Mappamundi has played for contradances sponsored by the Triangle Country Dance Society, the Charleston Folk Society, Piedmont Council for Traditional Music, and various other organizations.


Generally the various dance band formations of Mappamundi draw from the following: acoustic bass; fiddle; viola; bouzouki; guitar; clarinet; recorder; piano; English concertina; cello; mandolin. An occasional guest musician is pianist Doug Holmgren, formerly of contradance band The Homefries.

Mappamundi can travel with electric piano and sound system. They will work with your caller to develop a suitable program.