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Mappamundi: Scottish Country Dance jigs, reels and strathspeys

Mappamundi: Scottish Country Dance jigs, reels, hornpipes, and strathspeys

We used to play rather frequently for Scottish Country dances under the auspices of the RSCDS. Here are some of the tunes we play.

Admiral Nelson (h)
Alewife and Her Barrel~The (r)
Alex McGlashan's Farewell (s)
Alltshellach (s)
Ap Shenking (j)
Aur Races (j)
Balgeddes Reel (r)
Balquhidder Lasses (r)
Balquidder Strathspey (s)
Banks of Allan~The (j)
Bedding of the Bride~The (r)
Belted Plaid & Health to Wear (r)
Bill Powrie (r)
Birks of Invermay (s)
Black Dance~The (r)
Blackthorn Stick (j)
Blue Bonnets over the Border (j)
Bonker's Strathspeys (s)
Bonnie Kate of Aberdeen (s)
Bonny Ann (s)
Bothwell Castle (s)
Braes of Athole~The (r)
Braes of Breadalbane (s)
Braes of Mar (s)
Braes of Tullymet (s)
Briogan Seambo (r)
Broun's Reel (r)
Brown Trout~The (r)
Bundle and Go (j)
Bung Your Eye (j)
Ca' the Ewes tae the Knowes (s)
Caledonian Rant (s)
Calliope House (j)
Camp of Pleasure~The (s)
Capt. Young's Quick Step (j)
Captain Lockhart (r)
Captain McBride's Hornpipe (r)
Carlisle Lasses (s)
Cat that Kittled in Jamies Wig (s)
Cauld Kail (s)
Charles Leslie of Findassie's (s)
Clanranald (r)
Cobbler~The (j)
College Hornpipe (h)
Colonel Alex Grant's Strathspey (s)
Colonel H.F. Campbell's Strathspey (s)
Colonel H.F. Campbell's Strathspey (s)
Colonel Ridley's Quickstep (j)
Corn Rigs (r)
Crooked Horn'd Ewe (s)
Cropie's Strathspey (s)
Dalkeith's Strathspey (s)
Davy Hornpipe (h)
Dawted Mary (s)
Delvin Side (s)
Deuks Dang Ow're my Daddie (j)
Devil's Elbow (s)
Dick Gossip's Reel (r)
Donald Bane (s)
Douglas Hornpipe (h)
Drowsie Maggie (j)
Drumdelgie (j)
Drumelzier (s)
Drummer~The (r)
Duke & Dutchess of Edinburgh (r)
Duke of Atholl's Reel (j)
Duke of Perth (r)
Dunie Mains (s)
Dutchess of Athole's Slipper (s)
Dyster Laddie (h)
Earl of Dalhousie (r)
Eightsome Reel (r)
Ewie wi' the Crooked Horn (s)
Express~The (j)
Fergus McIver (j)
Ferry~The (j)
Fisher's Hornpipe (h)
Frisky~The (j)
Futterat wi' the Grey Tail~The (s)
Gae Gordon (m)
Gallowglass~The (j)
Galopede (r)
Garden Wall~The (j)
Garry Owen (j)
Garry Strathspey (s)
General Stuart's Reel (r)
Gentle Shepherd~The (j)
Girl Who Broke My Heart (r)
Give Me a Lass With a Lump of Land (j)
Glasgow Highlanders (s)
Glasgow Peggy (j)
Glengarry's March (r)
Grant's Rant (r)
Grant's Reel (r)
Grey Buck (j)
Hamilton House (j)
Haste to the Wedding (j)
Haughs of Cromdale (s)
Hero Never Dies~A (j)
Herself (s)
Highland Schottische (s)
Hills of Glenorchy~The (j)
Hogmanay Jig (j)
Hollin Boss~The (j)
Honorable Captain Elphinston (s)
Honorable Mrs. Dundas of Arnis (r)
Hooper's Jig (j)
Hue and Cry (j)
Humber Jumber (j)
I Hae Laid a Herring in Saut (j)
I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Too (s)
I'll Mend Your Pots & Kettles O (r)
Irish Rover (r)
Island of Java (r)
Jacky Tar (h)
Jeannie o' the Witchin' Eye (j)
Jenny's Bawbee (r)
Jenny's Bawbee (s)
Jessie Smith (s)
Jessie's Hornpipe (polka)
Jicker-Jacker (r)
John Grumlie (Bflat) (j)
John Grumlie (j)
John McAlpin (s)
John Ray Stewart (s)
John Steven of Chance Inn (s)
Johnny Groat's House (r)
Johnny MacGill (j)
Jolly Tars (h)
Jubilee Jig~The (j)
Juice of Barley (j)
Just As I was In the Morning (j)
Kilfinane Jig~The (j)
Kilty Lads`The (j)
Kind Robin (s)
Kiss Quick Mother's Coming (r)
La Cantina (j)
Laddie I Esteem You (x)
Lady Ann Maitland (r)
Lady Caroline Montague (s)
Lady Georgina Gordon (r)
Lady Georgina Gordon's Reel (s)
Lady Grace Stewart (s)
Lady Harriet Hope's Reel (r)
Lady Heathcote's Reel (r)
Lady Madeline Sinclair (s)
Lady Mary Hayes Scots Measure (sm)
Lady McKenzie of Coul (r)
Lady Montgomerie (r)
Laird of Milton's Daughter (j)
Larry O'Gaff (j)
Lasses Escort (r)
Lea Rig~The (s)
Leap Year (j)
Lenox Love to Blantyre (s)
Let Us Leave That As It Is (j)
Let's Have a Ceilidh (r)
Lieutenant Kije's Reel (r)
Light and Airy (j)
Loch Leven Castle (r)
Lochaber Gathering (s)
Lochiel's Rant (s)
Lord Ballenden (s)
Lord Duplin's Jig (j)
Lord Eglintoune (r)
Lord Moira (s)
Lowland Lads Think They Are Fi (j)
Lt. Col. Baillie of Leys (s)
Machine Without Horses~The (j)
MacVicar's Strathspey (s)
Madge Wildfire's Strathspey (s)
Mairi's Wedding (r)
Major & Minor (s)
Major and Minor (r)
Major Molle (r)
Market Town (j)
Marquis of Huntley's Highland (s)
Mary Stuart Strathspey (s)
Maxwell's Rant (r)
Meadows of Dan (j)
Merry Making~The (r)
Midgard Serpent (j)
Milladen (s)
Miss Anderson's Reel (r)
Miss Andy Campbell's Scotch Me (h)
Miss Austin (s)
Miss Austin (s)
Miss Bennet's Jig (j)
Miss Betsy Robertson (s)
Miss Betty Hunter (j)
Miss Burns's Reel (r)
Miss Devon's Reel (s)
Miss Dickson's Reel (j)
Miss Drummond of Perth Scots M (r)
Miss Erskine of Torry (r)
Miss Gayton's Hornpipe (h)
Miss Geddes (s)
Miss Henny Mackenzie (r)
Miss Hog, Newliston (r)
Miss Hutton (s)
Miss Jeanie S. Grant's Favorite (j)
Miss Jenny Elliot's Strathspey (s)
Miss Jessie Cumming (s)
Miss Jessie Dalrymple's Reel (r)
Miss Johnston of Hilton (r)
Miss Margaret Gordon (s)
Miss Mariane Oliphant (Rossie) (s)
Miss Maul's Strathspey (s)
Miss Ogilvie's Fancy (s)
Miss Scott of Usan (r)
Miss Spark's Maggot (j)
Montgomerie's Rant (r)
Monymusk (s)
Mr. Alex Mendies (r)
Mr. Charles Graham (s)
Mr. Grant of Pilnacree's (s)
Mr. Oswald of Auchencruive (s)
Mr. Patrick Duff Junior's Stra (s)
Mrs. Blair of Blair (s)
Mrs. Campbell of Pittsboro (r)
Mrs. Duncan (r)
Mrs. Forbes Leith (r)
Mrs. Gordon of Whitehill (s)
Mrs. Grieve of Howdan (s)
Mrs. Hood's Strathspey (s)
Mrs. Johnston's Reel (r)
Mrs. MacLeod (s)
Mrs. Macleod (s)
Mrs. Muir McKenzie's Delight (j)
Mrs. Ramsay of Barnton (s)
Mrs. Scott of Bellevue (r)
Mrs. Stewart of Garth (r)
Mrs. Wright of Laton (s)
Muirland Willie (j)
My Ain Kind Deary (j)
My Love She's But a Lassie Yet (r)
My Spouse Nancy (r)
My Wife's a Wanton Wee Thing (j)
Neidpath Castle (s)
Neil Gow's Compliments Returned (s)
Neil Gow's Second Wife (s)
New Park (s)
New Rigged Ship~The (j)
New Year's Day in the Morning (j)
None So Pretty (r)
Old Grey Cat~The (h)
Old Man Will Never Die~The (r)
Oor Auld Guidman is noo awa' (s)
Over the Hills and Far Away (h)
Paddy O'Rafferty (j)
Pease Straw (r)
Peeler and the Goat~The (j)
Persian Dance (r)
Peter and David (r)
Peter's Peerie Boat (j)
Petronella (r)
Portnacraig (r)
Prince of Wales~The (j)
Princess Royal (r)
Quarries' Jig (j)
Quick Step (F) (r)
Quiet and Snug (s)
Rakes of Glasgow (s)
Rakish Highlandman~The (j)
Random Hornpipe (r)
Randy Wives of Greenlaw~The (r)
Red House (r)
Rendezvous~The (r)
Roaring Jelly (j)
Robertson's Hornpipe (h)
Rock and a wee Pickle (j)
Roderick Dhu, Clanalpin Chief (s)
Rory O'More (j)
Rose Among the Heather (s)
Rose Tree~The (r)
Round Reel of Eight (r)
Royal Caterer of Edinburgh (r)
Sailor~The (h)
Saltire Society Reel (r)
Sandal~The (r)
Scotch Measure (Bray) (s)
Scottish Reform (j)
Seabright~The (r)
Sean Triubhais (r)
Sean Truibhas (s)
Seann Truibhas Willichan (s)
Shelburne Reel (r)
She's O'er Young to Marry Yet (r)
Shiftin' Bobbins (r)
Silver Tassie (s)
Sir George Clark of Pennycuik (s)
Smash the Windows (j)
Soldier's Dance (j)
St. Patrick's Day (j)
Steamboat Quickstep (j)
Strathglass House (s)
Stuart's Rant~The (r)
Sulters of Selkerke (sj)
Susan is my Delight (r)
Sutters of Selkirk~The (r)
Tam Bain's Lum (s)
Tappit Hen (j)
Tatter Jack Walsh (j)
Teetotaler's Reel (r)
Tempete~La (r)
Tenth of January (j)
Thirteen Fourteen (sr)
Tibbie Fowler of the Glen (s)
Tom's Highland Fling (s)
Triumph (r)
Tullochgorum (s)
Two and Two (j)
Two Sisters (j)
Up in the Air (s)
Village Reel (r)
Village Reel (s)
Wauking of the Plaiden~The (r)
Waverley (j)
Wedding Ring~The (r)
West's Hornpipe (h)
What a Beau Your Granny Was (r)
What Care I For the Minister (sj)
White Heather Jig (j)
White Petticoat (j)
Wild Geese (j)
Willafjord (r)
Willie's Auld Trews (r)
Woo'd and Married and A' (sj)
Yarmouth Reel (r)
You be Welcome Here Again (s)